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New Rules For Wiretapping13:38

This article is more than 8 years old.
Phone (Pete Prodoehl/Flickr)
Phone (Pete Prodoehl/Flickr)

Attorney General Martha Coakley wants to expand the state's wiretapping powers. Critics say that the move raises serious civil liberties concerns.


Michael O'Keefe, president of the Massachusetts District Attorney's Association.

Linda Thompson, a criminal defense attorney in Springfield.


You can find the text of the bill here.

New England Newspapers "State officials and law enforcement agencies say the nearly 40-year-old wiretapping law needs to be revamped to include new technology in order to investigate serious crimes. Attorney General Martha Coakley this week proposed a bill that alters the law's definition of "organized crime" to include groups such as dangerous youth gangs, drug dealers or human trafficking networks."

CBS "Attorney General Martha Coakley and other law enforcement officials have launched a renewed push to expand and update state wiretapping laws that predate cellphones and other modern forms of communication."

This segment aired on February 1, 2013.

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