Rediscovering Musician Harry Nilsson

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Musician Harry Nilsson in 1974. (Wikipedia)
Musician Harry Nilsson in 1974. (Wikipedia)

Most people recognize the 1969 hit song "Everybody's Talkin'," but the popular and talented man behind the hit is largely forgotten.

Harry Nilsson rose to fame in the 1960s and 1970s as a singer/songwriter. He palled around with people like John Lennon. His life spiraled downward, and he dropped out of sight and died young of heart disease in 1994. He was just 52 years old.

This week, RCA released a 17-disk boxed set of Nilsson's work, including three CDs with previously unreleased songs. Two weeks ago, the first full biography of Nilsson hit bookstores.

The renewed focus on the once famous artist is drawing excitement from longtime music fans and those who knew the songs, but not the man behind them.


Geoff Edgers, Boston Globe arts reporter whose piece on Harry Nilsson will be in Sunday's Boston Globe.

This segment aired on August 1, 2013.


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