Fishermen Protest Cod Fishing Restrictions In Gulf Of Maine

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Federal regulators announced yesterday new restrictions on cod fishing in the Gulf of Maine — essentially banning all commercial fishing of cod for the next six months.

Regulators will decide whether to make the restrictions permanent before the next fishing season begins in May.

Fishermen say this will put an end to their livelihoods and many question whether the scientific assessment of the cod population is really accurate. But researchers say years of over-fishing and increasingly warmer waters leave few options.


Matt Mullen, Northeast director for the Environmental Defense Fund.

Vito Giacalone, policy director for the Northeast Seafood Coalition and a long-time fisherman out of Gloucester.


NOAA: Statement By NOAA Regional Administrator John Bullard

  • "We believe protecting these, remaining aggregations of fish provide our best chance to prevent a cod stock collapse and a complete fishery closure. We want to avoid the situation that Canada found itself in when its cod stock collapsed in the 1990s."

This segment aired on November 11, 2014.


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