Sebastian Junger On Life After Combat

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On this Veteran's Day, we're going to talk now about the challenge of coming home from war. Journalist Sebastian Junger has written a lot about this. And it's the focus of his latest documentary, "The Last Patrol," which premiered last night, November 10th, on HBO.

Junger's previous two films — "Restreppo" and "Korengal" — followed a platoon of U.S. soldiers at a remote base in Afghanistan. In "The Last Patrol," Junger is back home in America with two veterans from that platoon — hiking along the railroad lines of the Northeast Corridor. Talking about war, and what it did to them.

"The Last Patrol" is a mediation on war and on coming home. It also honors photographer Tim Hetherington, Sebastian Junger's friend with whom he covered the war in Afghanistan, and who was killed in Libya.


Sebastian Junger is a journalist, author and documentary filmmaker. His latest documentary is "The Last Patrol." He tweets @sebastianjunger.

Brendan O'Byrne is an army veteran and a former team leader in Battle Company's Second Platoon.


Boston Globe: Junger's 'Last Patrol' Ponders Life After Combat

  • “The Last Patrol,” the final film in the journalist’s series about the war in Afghanistan, wraps the trio that includes the 2010 Oscar-nominated “Restrepo” and its recent follow-up, “Korengal.” A thoughtful examination of what it means for combat soldiers to reintegrate into daily American life, “The Last Patrol” premieres Monday on HBO, in time for Veterans Day.

HBO Documentaries: The Last Patrol

This segment aired on November 11, 2014.


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