Hiawatha Bray On Tech: Live From The Consumer Electronics Show

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Hiawatha Bray joins us regularly to talk about the latest tech trends and high-tech gadgets, but usually it's from the newsroom of The Boston Globe.

But now he's in Las Vegas, at the global Consumer Electronics Show, where companies show off some 20,000 products that make up the future of tech.


Hiawatha Bray, technology writer for the business section of The Boston Globe. He’s also author of the book, “You Are Here: From the Compass to GPS, the History and Future of How We Find Ourselves.” He tweets @GlobeTechLab.


The Boston Globe: Drones Are Everywhere — Except The Sky

  • "Too bad I can’t use a drone to help me cover the International CES, the giant consumer electronics show. With its high ceilings, the Las Vegas Convention Center provides plenty of airspace. And I might actually get to see everything, for a change."

This article was originally published on January 08, 2015.

This segment aired on January 8, 2015.


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