Why The Snow Slowed Boston Traffic To A Crawl — And How To Fix It

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How long did it take you to get to work today? We've talked a lot in recent days about the problems with the T, but what about the roads?

A record amount of snow has narrowed many of the city's already narrow streets, and slowed and snarled traffic — even along the major thoroughfares.

It's a reminder about just how fragile cities can be, and that's a theme Yoni Appelbaum has been writing about.


Jack Lepiarz, WBUR reporter. He tweets @Lepiarz.

Curt Nickisch, WBUR business and technology reporter. He tweets @CurtNickisch.

Yoni Appelbaum, senior editor at The Atlantic. His most recent piece is called "Blizzards and the Birth of the Modern Mayor." He tweets @YAppelbaum.


The Boston Globe: Firing MBTA Chief Over Storm Is Not A Fix

  • "Beverly Scott, general manager of the MBTA, was often fiery in her response to questions about T operations and her performance Tuesday."

The Atlantic: Blizzards And The Birth Of The Modern Mayor

  • "The Great White Hurricane of 1888 demonstrated the vulnerability of urban life, and led voters to demand greater protection."

WBUR: Why Boston Traffic Could Get Better During The Olympics

  • "You might be one of the many Bostonians already getting heartburn about traffic 10 years from now. Traffic was the first thing that came to mind to many right after the USOC chose Boston as its pick to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games."

This segment aired on February 11, 2015.


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