From Regufee Camp To Center Stage: Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars

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Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars have an exuberant sound that springs from an unlikely source: a civil war that ravaged the group's home country for more than a decade. The band's lead singer, Ruben Koroma, fled Sierra Leone with his wife, Grace, in 1997.

As Koroma told us, "We came to a refugee camp and everybody was having mind problems — psychological problems — being separated from their beloved country, and some lost family members. And I think the only way that I can take away these problems a little is just by playing music and entertaining them."

So Ruben and Grace formed a band right there in the Kaila refugee camp. Using donated microphones and beat up guitars, they sang songs of hope and unity. They continue delivering those messages on an international stage today, guided by an unwavering belief that music can heal the ills of the world.


Ruben Koroma, founding member and lead singer of Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars.


This segment aired on February 19, 2015.


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