New Idea For Safer Bike Rides

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Is there a better way to keep bikers safe? (Mith Huang/Flickr)
Is there a better way to keep bikers safe? (Mith Huang/Flickr)

Since the year 2000, the number of bike commuters has risen 62 percent. The number of bike related accidents and injuries has also gone up. But, the way the accidents are documented hasn't really changed at all.
Now, a group of researchers say that updating how crashes are reported might be one of the best ways to improve bicycle safety.


Anne Lusk, research scientist in the department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health.


CommonHealth: Harvard Study: Better Police Reports On Bike Crashes Could Save Lives

  • "After studying hundreds of hopelessly low-tech police reports used to record bike accidents, Lusk and her colleagues are making a nationwide plea: They’re calling on police in all states to step into the modern era and improve reports on crashes involving vehicles and bicycles. Currently, Lusk said in an interview, the details on crashes are handwritten and drawn by police on paper, with few bicycle-specific codes or diagrams."


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