Simmons College President Takes Cancer Battle Public18:21

Simmons College President Helen Drinan. (peiflickr/Flickr)
Simmons College President Helen Drinan. (peiflickr/Flickr)
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This is a busy season for Helen Drinan, the president of Simmons College. Like many college presidents, she's planning for next month's commencement ceremonies — looking forward to celebrating her student's accomplishments.

But unlike other college presidents, Helen Drinan has made public a very personal battle.

Last September, a routine mammogram revealed a small but aggressive tumor in her breast. She decided almost immediately what to do.

She declared herself "a cancer warrior" and resolved to live this as a public journey. Since then, she's published essays, sent regular emails to the Simmons community about her treatment — she even took a selfie during chemotherapy.

All this, she says — to share what she's learned about an affliction that affects roughly one in eight women in the U.S. On a mostly female campus, how could she do otherwise?


Helen Drinan, president of Simmons College.


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This segment aired on April 14, 2015.