Is The End Of Boston 2024 A Triumph Or A Loss?

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There will be no summer Olympic games in Boston. The plan is dead. No beach volleyball in Quincy, no tennis in Dorchester, no sailing in New Bedford. Maybe, nine summers from now, we'll be watching the games take place in Paris, Rome, Toronto or even L.A.

So how does Boston fare, now? Do we look like a great city with a rich, democratic process? Or like a bunch a naysayers who couldn't get their act together?


Martin J. Walsh, mayor of Boston. He tweets @marty_walsh.

John Carroll, Boston University communications professor. He tweets @johncarroll_bu.

Mike Ross, attorney at Prince Lobel, occasional columnist for The Boston Globe and former Boston City Councilor.


WBUR: 7 Reasons Why Boston's Olympic Bid Failed

  • "The city’s quest to host the 2024 Summer Games came to an end Monday after the U.S. Olympic Committee pulled the plug on Boston’s bid."

The Boston Globe: No Boston Olympics Activists Are Heroes

  • "The activists behind No Boston Olympics questioned the public cost of hosting an Olympics. They demanded a true accounting of risk versus benefit for ordinary taxpayers — not just for wealthy developers."

This segment aired on July 28, 2015.


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