New Documentary 'Heroin: Cape Cod, USA' Follows 8 Addicts

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Cassie and her boyfriend, Dan, two of the subjects of the film "Heroin: Cape Cod, USA." (Courtesy HBO)
Cassie and her boyfriend, Dan, two of the subjects of the film "Heroin: Cape Cod, USA." (Courtesy HBO)

Cape Cod can be idyllic and beautiful. But, like much of Massachusetts, it's facing a heroin epidemic. Now, the film "Heroin: Cape Cod, USA" is taking a close look at the problem, following eight addicts as they search for their next high.


Steven Okazaki, Academy Award-winning director of HBO's "Heroin: Cape Cod, USA." They tweet @HBO.

Steven Okazaki (Alison Bruzek/WBUR)
Steven Okazaki (Alison Bruzek/WBUR)


The Boston Globe: Baker To Use HBO Opioid Documentary To Lobby For Legislation

  • "Baker said the HBO film dramatically portrays 'the incredible downward draw that comes with addiction, how powerful it is, and how hard it is to beat it. I consider it to be probably the biggest public health problem we’ve got.'"

Medium: Heroin: Cape Cod, USA, An Unvarnished Look At The Heroin Epidemic Sweeping America

  • "Known for its quaint villages, lighthouses and beaches, the picturesque summer vacation destination of Cape Cod has been struck with an epidemic of young people hooked on affordable, easily acquired heroin. This harrowing film takes an unsparing look at the lives of eight heroin addicts in their early 20s, living a seemingly endless existence of getting high while cycling through stages of rehab, recovery and relapse."

Cape Cod Times: HBO Film Captures Heroin's Impact On Cape Addicts

  • "More than a year ago, Dan’s parents texted him, saying they weren’t sure they wanted to go on camera as requested by a 'famous director' who had attended their Parents Supporting Parents meeting to talk about heroin use on Cape Cod. Dan, 28, a 2004 Barnstable High School graduate, an Army veteran, and a former University of Vermont student, was furious. 'I swore at them, and said, 'You’ve got to man up or nothing will change.'"

This segment aired on December 15, 2015.


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