Mona Awad's New Novel, '13 Ways Of Looking At A Fat Girl'

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"13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl" tells the story of Lizzie, a young woman obsessed with the way she looks and how much she weighs.

"'Fat girl' is not so much a problem of flesh," says novelist Mona Awad, "it's more of a state of mind that you can inhabit long after any transformations you make to your body."


Mona Awad, novelist. She tweets @monaawadauthor.


Kirkus Review: 13 Ways Of Looking At A Fat Girl

  • "A young woman navigates uneasy relationships with herself, her weight, and the world in Awad’s painfully raw — and bitingly funny — debut."

The Walrus: When We Went Against The Universe

  • "When we went against the universe was at the McDonald’s on the corner of Wolfedale and Mercer. On a sunny afternoon. Mel and I hate sunny afternoons. Especially here in Misery Saga, which is what you’re allowed to call Mississauga if you live there."

This segment aired on March 7, 2016.


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