What Can Be Learned About Bernie Sanders From His Time As Burlington's Mayor?

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Despite Bernie Sanders' string of primary losses to Hillary Clinton earlier this week, he's vowing to continue his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

With Clinton's big advantage in delegates, the nomination might be a long shot for Sanders. But, he's still raising money and rallying support for his case that the Democratic party needs to embrace a set of progressive policies.

WBUR's senior political reporter, Anthony Brooks, traveled to Burlington, Vermont, where Sanders' political career began — and where his policies continue to shape the city. (Read this story here.)


Anthony Brooks, WBUR senior political reporter. He tweets @anthonygbrooks.


WBUR: Sanders Got His Start In Burlington, And His Policies Continue To Shape The City

  • "The victory, to say the least, was unexpected — due in part to a divided Democratic Party, which had run City Hall for decades. Sanders campaigned for rent control, property tax reform and higher wages for the police — and built a citizen coalition that challenged the status quo."

The Atlantic: Bernie Sanders, The Socialist Mayor

  • "In 1985, when Bernie Sanders was in his second term as mayor of Burlington, Vermont, a writer named Russell Banks published his breakthrough novel, Continental Drift. It would earn Banks the John Dos Passos Prize, and make him a finalist for the Pulitzer for fiction. Sometime after the book came out, Banks accepted an assignment to profile the self-described socialist mayor."

This segment aired on March 17, 2016.


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