Should 'happy hour' be reinstated in Massachusetts?

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Friends at a bar toast each other. (Henrik Sorensen via GettyImages)
Friends at a bar toast each other. (Henrik Sorensen via GettyImages)

This is the Radio Boston rundown for Aug. 4. Tiziana Dearing is our host:

  • Massachusetts came close this legislative session to reinstating "happy hour," which would could have reversed a 1984 ban. Though the effort is stalled — with the rest of the economic spending bill — opinions remain divided. We get reactions from restaurateurs Philip Frattaroli, managing partner and CEO of Filmark Hospitality Group; and Cheryl Straughter, owner of Soleil Restaurant and Catering in Roxbury.
  • Who should direct traffic in and around Boston construction sites? Should it be police officers, or should it be civilians? That's at the heart of a city council proposal. To talk about it is Charlie Chieppo, senior fellow at the Pioneer Institute who has followed this since a Massachusetts law in 2008 made civilian flaggers legal.
  • There's more to Massachusetts waters than whales. Underwater photographer and superintendent of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary talk about what else is teeming in nearby waters. And there's an exhibit at the New England Aquarium to prove it.

This program aired on August 4, 2022.


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