Investigations into sexual assault allegations complicate the Suffolk County district attorney race

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This is the Aug. 25 rundown for Radio Boston. Tiziana Dearing is our host:

  • The race for Suffolk County district attorney has taken a shocking turn, following a Globe Report that found candidate and Boston city councilor Ricardo Arroyo was twice investigated — but not charged — for possible sexual assault as a teen. Arroyo refutes these claims, but some have already pulled back their endorsements for him. We talk to WBUR senior correspondent Deb Becker who's been following the story.
  • A team of researchers at MIT is using artificial intelligence to diagnose Parkinson's disease before symptoms begin. Boston Globe technology writer Hiawatha Bray explains this new development in the latest installment of our biweekly series, Tech Talk.
  • As Boston heads back to school, we're checking in with two school nurses whose roles and responsibilities have grown over the pandemic. Marta Bausmer from Boston Green Academy and Heidi Winston from Boston Teachers Union Pilot School discuss their new, ever-changing normal.
  • Massachusetts offers no statewide standard on what sex education should look like in schools; it's up to individual districts to decide what and how they teach. We speak to Megara Bell, director of the organization Partners in Sex Education, on how schools are thinking about teaching the subject in a post-Roe world.

This program aired on August 25, 2022.


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