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The “8” Years and Slovakia

This article is more than 13 years old.

Many pivotal events in the history of Slovakia took place during years that end in the number eight. These crucial years include 1848, 1918, 1938, 1948 and 1968. The year 1989 also belongs in this category because the November Velvet Revolution of 1989 actually began in 1988.

A panel discussion titled "Europe Confronts Its Past" looked at the important internal connections between the “8” years and their events. This discussion, presented by The Institute for Human Sciences (IHS), took place in conjunction with a panel exhibit prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Slovak National Museum.

Introduction: Peter Muzila
Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovakia in Boston

Discussion Participants:

Igor Lukes
University Professor and Professor of International Relations and History, Boston University; Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Boston.

Martin Simecka
Editor-in-chief of Respekt, a weekly newsmagazine in the Czech Republic, reporting on domestic and foreign political and economic issues, as well as on science and culture.