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Kevin Sullivan

Former Staff
Senior Producer, WBUR

Kevin is the senior managing editor of Here & Now. He’s known around the office as the “Google guy” for setting up tons of organizational systems (that tend to rely on virtual tools). He also helps lead the editorial direction of the show and focuses on long-term planning.

Kevin spent several years as a H&N segment producer, covering everything from the uprisings in the Middle East to presidential politics to pop culture. Kevin completed his MBA at Boston University, where he earlier earned a Bachelors degree in broadcast journalism.

Before coming to public radio, Kevin mainly worked in television, as a reporter, producer and documentary producer/director, which gave him the opportunity to travel around the world.

Kevin also lived in the Balkans, where he worked for a large international organization working to rebuild civil society in the post-war era.

Kevin now lives in Belmont, Mass. with his wife, two sons and a very scrappy dog. He enjoys swimming, tennis and when the city isn’t buried in snow, commuting on his bike.

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