Gabriel Gomez: Vote For Me Because I’m An Independent Thinker

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I’m running for Senate because Washington badly needs change, and I’m the only candidate in this race who can bring it. My opponent can’t change Washington because, after 37 years there, he is Washington. We’re not going to fix any of our big problems by relying on the same D.C. politicians who caused these problems in the first place.

As a father, husband, businessman, child of immigrants and former Navy SEAL, I feel we can do better. I feel we have to do better. My opponent and some in the media say I’m not an experienced politician, and they are right about that. I’ve spent my adult life serving my country in the military and working in business. If you want a career politician, then my opponent is your man. If you feel we could use a change, then I ask for your vote and pledge to serve you honorably as your senator.

As your senator, I’ll be an independent voice for Massachusetts, beholden to no party. I’ll work to reduce our crushing $17 trillion* debt, a debt load that imperils our children’s future. I’ll work with anyone in any political party to produce more jobs in our state.

I will put you, the voters and taxpayers of this state, before the agenda of any political party.

My opponent has no track record of reaching across the aisle, so if he is sent to the U.S. Senate we can only expect more gridlock. On the other hand, I’ll work with President Obama when I feel it is in our state’s best interests, such as to prevent the mentally ill from buying firearms and to ensure effective background checks for gun purchases. And I won’t be afraid to oppose the president when I feel he’s off track, such as with the medical device tax that harms a key Massachusetts industry.

I’m running for Senate because of the concerns I hear from people every day in every corner of this state. They love this country like I do, but they are worried that we may be losing the freedoms and economic vibrancy that have always been our hallmark.

Have you followed the recent disturbing news out of Washington? An IRS that illegally targeted Americans based on their political leanings. A surveillance state that is alarming Americans worried about government encroaching on their privacy. An American ambassador killed by terrorists in Benghazi, Libya and yet all we get is confused finger-pointing in D.C. And yet my opponent’s entire career has been about finding ways to hand more power to the federal government, such as having the IRS administer key portions of Obamacare. If you think the answer to all of our problems is to give more power to Washington, then my opponent is your candidate. If, instead, you’d like to empower our citizens and businesses, then I ask for your vote.

Of course, the number one issue facing us today is the economy. Our economic recovery is being held back by excessive regulation and high taxes. Too many in our state are out of work, under-employed or have given up looking for jobs. And yet the Washington, D.C. region is in the midst of an economic boom, having never experienced the "Great Recession." This is the result of a government that works well for lobbyists, lawyers and career politicians, but not for most regular people. This isn’t acceptable. As your senator, I’ll work to improve the business climate in this country, allowing our entrepreneurs and workers to prosper. I’ll make sure our troops have the support they need, and that our senior citizens can retire with dignity and financial security.

While serving overseas as a Navy SEAL commander, I adopted the SEAL “team first” ethic as my own. I still believe in "team first" — but now my team is Massachusetts. I will put you, the voters and taxpayers of this state, before the agenda of any political party. My opponent votes with his party 99 percent of the time, despite the diverse views of this state. Can he say he’s putting Massachusetts first?

I ask you for the opportunity to serve my country one more time, this time as your U.S. senator. I won’t let you down.


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*Correction: An earlier version of this piece misstated the U.S. national debt in billions.

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