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It's Not The Sex, It’s The Lies: Anthony Weiner's Gotta Go

This article is more than 7 years old.

When the news broke that Anthony Weiner had been at it again — sexting with strangers, this time under the sobriquet Carlos Danger — it seemed almost too easy for the comedy writers of America. They couldn’t have written a better punchline if they’d tried. Then we learned that one of his online amours went by … Sydney Leathers. Slate had a lot of fun creating an online pseudonym generator -- mine came out “Raul Threat” — but Sydney Leathers? No algorithm could do that.

And did you know — absolutely not kidding here — that the scandal came to light on National Hot Dog Day? If there is a god of comedy, She must have been presiding over that coincidence.

So, yeah, I had some fun tweeting about all this, along with one or two (gazillion) other people. But once I heard about Weiner asking for a “second chance” from voters, I had to stop laughing. I mean, the guy just can’t do math.

Voting for him the first time — that’s one chance. Believing him when he said he didn’t send that first crotch shot two years ago — that’s two. Forgiving him when he said, oh yeah, actually he did — three.  Failing to laugh hysterically when he announced he was running for mayor of New York — four. Putting him ahead in the polls — five. We haven’t even gotten to the latest news yet, and already we have to count on two hands.

Let me be clear: I truly do not care what Weiner does with his, or anyone else’s, hot dog and buns. That’s between him and his fellow chefs. I also pass absolutely no judgment on his wife, Huma Abedin, for staying with him. Again, that’s their business, not mine.

I blame lying, cowardly hypocrites like Andrew Weiner for making it seem ridiculous that we should ever trust the people we vote for.

But when he lies? Repeatedly? And then has the gall to ask the voters to keep believing him? And when his wife joins him in declaring that we should keep the faith? Those aren’t private actions; they’re public ones.

And the people of New York City aren’t the only ones they hurt. They betray anyone who demands even a shred of decency from politicians. I know I open myself to ridicule by suggesting that such a demand is even possible anymore. But I blame lying, cowardly hypocrites like Anthony Weiner for making it seem ridiculous that we should ever trust the people we vote for.

I haven’t seen everything that I’m sure is out there online from Carlos Danger. But when it comes to Anthony Weiner, I’ve already seen more than enough.

Please, Mr. Weiner: Put your toys away and go home. In your shoes, Raul Threat certainly would.


This program aired on July 26, 2013. The audio for this program is not available.

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