Poem: Don Of The Dread

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is pictured on Sept. 3, 2015. (Richard Drew/AP)
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is pictured on Sept. 3, 2015. (Richard Drew/AP)

Sometimes people feel passionate about the candidates they support, and sometimes they feel equally — or more — passionate about the candidates they don’t. In verse, Christine Hensel shares her impressions about a current presidential front-runner.

He’s got swagger and verve, and unruly gold hair

That shifts in the wind, like his stance on health care.

His position on guns? You mean now, then, or later?

There’s one thing we know: Donald Trump is a baiter.

His speeches lure millions, their hands duly lifted,

Propelling a man who’s supremely ungifted.

The audience roars, and applauds his raw candor

Shared not to convince but to kowtow and pander.

He’s bereft of a plan for each garbled goal --

Just an actor who aims for a new starring role.

Surely the Donald must privately laugh

When his poll numbers rise after each perceived gaffe.

Do we want as our leader a fact-flimsy scorcher

Who advocates racism, tall walls, and torture?

The world watches with angst as this trickster ascends

(Except Palin and Putin, considered his friends).

While he might be endowed in ways we won’t ponder,


We’ve all got one vote, which we simply can’t squander

On a man who’s misled and deceived and denied

What he said in one speech he in hours decried.

Sure, Trump’s outspoken, and yes, he adds lustre

To long-dull debates that invite his brute bluster,

But please… Let’s unite in our panic and grief,

To ensure he will not be Commander in Chief.

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Christine Hensel Cognoscenti contributor
Christine Hensel is a writer.



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