Dear Sugar: I'm Addicted To Painkillers

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The Sugars are back in the New Year, ready to hear your hopes, dreams, and fears for 2015.

In this short episode, it's all about transformation - how do we become better versions of ourselves? The Sugars take a question from a new mother who is secretly addicted to painkillers, but afraid that she can't be the mom and wife she wants to be without them.

Show notes

[10:26] “Your heart gets bored with your mind,” John Prine, All The Best, 1991.

[10:59] "You must change your life," Rainer Maria Rilke,  Archaic Torso of Apollo.

[11:36] "Beauty and the Beast," Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, 1756.

New episodes will be released weekly starting in January 2015.


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