Dear Sugar Live In Portland: Part 1

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Big news, Sugar fans: The Sugars have another live show coming up — Dear Sugar Radio: The Writers Resist, Portland Edition, on Sunday, January 15th, 2017, at the Aladdin Theatre in Portland, Oregon. This week, we're giving you a taste of the "DSR Live" experience by revisiting one of the live shows we recorded at Revolution Hall in Portland this summer.
The Sugars talk reinvention with the writer Lidia Yuknavitch, asking: "How can we treat our mistakes as opportunities for growth, rather than moments of total self-destruction?"
And they take questions from the audience — from a young woman wondering whether to confess her infidelity to a mother questioning if she's taking the right approach in talking candidly with her daughter about sex to a backpacker seeking inspiration for a first solo trip.

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Amory Sivertson Host and Senior Producer, Podcasts
Amory Sivertson is a senior producer for podcasts and the co-host of Endless Thread.



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