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Schools Call DCF When Students Miss Virtual School04:11


Remote learning is fraught with several issues and a Boston Globe report suggests that some Massachusetts families face some dire consequences if a child misses remote learning lessons.

The report says school officials in several communities reported almost two dozen families to state child welfare officials after children missed virtual lessons this spring.

Advocates say schools are disproportionately calling in the state on families of color and those in less affluent communities.

Lynne Griffin, executive director of the Scituate-based consulting group Proactive Parenting, joined WBUR's Morning Edition to discuss.

This segment aired on August 21, 2020.

Deborah Becker Twitter Host/Reporter
Deborah Becker is a senior correspondent and host at WBUR. Her reporting focuses on mental health, criminal justice and education.


Khari Thompson Twitter Field Producer, Morning Edition
Khari Thompson is the field producer for WBUR's Morning Edition.


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