Ben and Amory in front of the pile of plates (Amory Sivertson/WBUR)

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Dec 13, 2019
"Raft" (Courtesy Nathan Gibbs)

Snacktime: Feeling Adrift

Ben shares a story about a real-life grand theft auto adventure and Amory tells the story of a dad whose new hobby may only be scratching the surface of something deeper.

18:04Dec 13, 2019

Hosted by Ben Brock Johnson and Amory Sivertson, Endless Thread, a podcast from WBUR and Reddit, delves into Reddit’s vast communities to explore some of the most compelling stories the Internet has to offer, including revelations about our shared experience and powerful, personal stories. Also, cat videos. This is a show for Reddit connoisseurs, skeptics, and even the uninitiated.

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"Willow & Roxas" by u/cabbagesandkings14

No Kidding: The Childfree Movement Hits Close To Home

r/childfree is one of the fastest growing communities on Reddit and it's for people who do NOT want children. They don't want to be told why they should have them, how much they'll regret it if they don't, and how "selfish" they are for not "contributing to society." This choice...

41:59Dec 6, 2019
A frequently circulated viral photo, which shows a smiling kid in front of one of the burning World Trade Center towers (courtesy Underunderstood)

The 9/11 Hoax That Wasn't

The podcast "Underunderstood" looks into a photo that frequently goes viral on Reddit to figure out, once and for all, whether or not it’s a hoax.

35:42Nov 29, 2019
Glitter swatch (courtesy Joe Coburn and RJA Plastics)

Glitter's Connection To Forensic Science

Get ready for some extra sparkle on the heels of last week’s deep dive into “The Great Glitter Mystery.” Retired Forensic Scientist Ed Jones has one of the world’s largest glitter collections. And his side hobby has served him well over the years – glitter helped him solve a murder...

07:34Nov 15, 2019
"Glitter" by u/SneakyBunny84

'Endless Thread' Drops a Glitter Bomb On The Great Glitter Mystery

Endless Thread solves one of the internet’s most compelling mysteries. Inspired by a New York Times feature about glitter last year, Redditors have obsessed over identifying the mysterious industry buying huge amounts of glitter – information which glitter-makers have now famously refused to divulge. No one has been able to...

39:32Nov 8, 2019
"Karma Slot Machine" from u/ohsureyoudo

Loot Crates: Gambling, Or Good Clean Fun?

Loot crates are virtual prize boxes available for purchase in video games, containing mystery items like customizations, powerful weapons, or rare gear. They are also the subject of the most downvoted Reddit comment of all-time, the crux of a debate about the definition of gambling, and a window into the...

27:11Oct 4, 2019