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Anyone who once called the internet a passing fad has been laughed out of the room. That doesn’t mean we feel great about its current state. Election tampering, trolling, bots and a constant barrage of fake news have many of us wondering if dumpster fire really is the best analogy for our digital existence.

But the internet is also a vast, curious place full of people connecting in ways they never imagined they could. As one of the world’s most popular websites, Reddit facilitates those connections, reflecting the whole spectrum of the internet’s potential — the weird, the wonderful, and even the scary stuff.

Hosted by Ben Brock Johnson and Amory Sivertson and made by WBUR, Endless Thread, a new podcast from WBUR and Reddit, delves into Reddit’s boundless communities with the help of Reddit and Redditors, exploring some of the most compelling stories the internet has to offer. This is a show for Reddit connoisseurs, skeptics, and the rest of us.

Launched in January of 2018, Endless Thread publishes episodes on Fridays during regular seasons. Episodes hold up to the test of time, so go ahead, start at the beginning! Or jump in on a topic you're interested in. Want to know more about how Reddit works? Watch Ben and Amory explain it all here.


Ben Brock Johnson is a senior producer at WBUR, where he helps direct strategic and editorial initiatives across WBUR’s iLab. Ben also co-hosts the podcast Endless Thread, serves as a tech correspondent for Here and Now, and is a guest host for WBUR programs including On Point.

Amory Sivertson is the co-host of Endless Thread. Previously, she was one of the founding producers of Modern Love: The Podcast and Dear Sugar Radio (now Dear Sugars). Before joining WBUR's iLab, she was the studio director and a producer for Radio Boston. Amory is also a musician, releasing her fourth album later this year. Follow her on Twitter @amorymusic.

Josh Swartz is a producer for Endless Thread. Before coming to WBUR, Josh made radio about such things as LBJ’s secretly taped White House phone calls, the sordid history of a famous piece of classical music, a hotly-debated historical plaque, and a masked vigilante known as “The Pothole Bandit.” His work has been featured in The New Yorker, The Boston Globe and heard on public radio stations around the country. When he’s not making radio, he’s probably in the woods or cheering for the Celtics. Follow him on Twitter @joshbswartz.

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