'Endless Thread' Wants To Write You A Song

Do we have your attention? Good. Because we're serious — Ben and Amory will write you your very own 6-second song. (Think...a Vine video, but in song form.)

How do you get a song?

Step 1: Donate $10 to WBUR, the station that makes Endless Thread, by texting the word THREAD to 20222. Or donate HERE.

Endless Thread wouldn't exist without WBUR, and WBUR wouldn't exist without YOU! Show WBUR that you want us to continue making the podcast by doing your part to support it.

Step 2: Once you've made your $10 donation, you'll receive a link (either via text or email, depending on how you made your donation) to a listener survey. It's super quick and easy, and it'll help us learn more about what you like about the show. And, it will help us write your song!

Step 3: Once you've finished the survey, wait patiently and your 6-second song will magically arrive in your email inbox as an audio file. We promise to have them all signed, sealed and e-delivered by the end of January.

Step 4 (you weren't expecting a Step 4, were you?): Encourage your friends to check out Endless Thread. Most people learn about their new favorite podcasts from people whose opinions they trust. Spread the Thread!

Step 5 (you REALLY weren't expecting a Step 5, now were you?): Bask in the glow of knowing that you've helped Endless Thread keep on keepin' on.

TL;DR - Donate $10 to WBUR (home of Endless Thread) by texting the word THREAD to 20222, or by donating HERE. Complete the survey we send you, and Ben and Amory will write you a 6-second song.

Endless gratitude,

Team Endless Thread


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