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"Love Letter" (Courtesy Reddit user u/lexiamf22)
"Love Letter" by u/lexiamf22

The unsent letter. We all have one, half-composed in our heads or fully-formed as an email draft. If you’re really poetic, it might be on a piece of paper, yellowing in a drawer. Whatever form these letters take, they go unsent because they might be better left unsent... or because we wouldn’t know how to send them even if we wanted to.

But there's a place online where these letters find an audience — a big one. The "Unsent Letters" community on Reddit has over 350,000 members. In this episode, you'll hear from people who wrote letters addressing pet owners, COVID+ patients, bakery workers, bugs killed in the shower, and so much more.

Thanks to Redditors jumpywizardyo, mrsdekay, level30emo, CalculusManAnUnicorn thewalkingbakedd, kiariehanata, SufficientSign2, lavender-bay, and greenlampsarecool for reading and talking about their letters with us.

Thanks to Redditor lexiamf22 for this week's featured art, "Love Letter." You can find more of her work on Instagram @alexisfrazzz

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