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Endless Thread's limited edition socks
Endless Thread's limited edition socks

Endless Thread is currently on break cooking up our next season, but we're getting back in touch with a special announcement.

About a year or so ago, we asked our listeners what kind of swag they might want. We counted and certified the votes (without objection) and the verdict overwhelmingly favored socks. Endless Thread socks. So, yes, we finally have Endless Thread socks!

But... there’s a limited amount. So, the first 200 people who make a monthly donation to our home station, WBUR, will get socks. And they will also get access to special Endless Thread bonus content.

Click here to get Endless Thread socks

Even if you make a monthly donation after the socks are gone, you’ll still get access to Endless Thread bonus content.

Keep in mind that a recurring donation to WBUR is the absolute best way to support Endless Thread's work, from deeply reported series like "Madness" to recurring series like "Endless Dread" to episode collaborations with YOU, our audience, like the one where we helped a socially isolated listener make new friends! (Check out "Niall Needs A Friend," if you missed it.)

Also, if you make a recurring donation to WBUR, not only will you be getting some cozy toe warmers, and not only will you be supporting this podcast, but you’ll also be supporting all of WBUR’s incredible journalism and our amazing colleagues around the station.

Your support really does matter, so thank you in advance.

Click here to get Endless Thread socks

Josh Crane Producer, Podcasts & New Programs
Josh is a producer for podcasts and new programs at WBUR.



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