We're Baaaaaaaaack! New Series From Endless Thread Launches October 1st

Hello! We have been on break for so loooong. Did you miss us? We missed you. And, as listeners of our off-season episodes know, we have not been sitting idly by, twiddling our microphones… we've been hard at work on new, full-throttle episodes!

Team Endless Thread has been in the lab cooking up a brand new logo, mission, and batch of episodes with a big ol’ special reported series to kick off with: MEMES! Yes, on October 1st, we’re gonna lay it on you, dear listeners. In fact, we’re going to solve some mysteries and tell some histories about memes that will hopefully serve as a welcome escape from everything terrible. Listen to the trailer for our meme series HERE.

And, even better: the new Endless Thread will be “always on” until someone shuts the lights off. No more seasons — just special series and episodes every week. We’ll keep making the show as long as you keep listening and supporting us. So get ready to go long with us as we dive down rabbit holes in online communities of all kinds to bring you stories of how humanity is dealing with — *gestures broadly* — everything. Have an idea for an episode? Write to us at And in the meantime, get ready for our meme series and a return to Endless Thread on October 1st!

-Ben and Amory


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