Show rundown for 10/4/2006

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Foley Scandal Taking Toil on GOP

A new Wall Street Journal poll shows support for the Republican party is slipping in the wake of the scandal involving Congressman Mark Foley.

Asia News Update

North Korea announces that it's planning a nuclear test, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is moving to improve relations with both China and South Korea, and a graft inquiry is widening in China.

Invisible Border

The Boeing Corporation has received a contract to build a 7,500 mile virtual fence along the U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada using infrared sensors, drones, and unmanned cameras. How will the fence work and is it feasible?

A Former Page's Perspective

Guest: Jonathan Turley, law professor at George Washington University and one-time Capitol Hill page.

A Walk in Walden Woods

We take a walk in Walden Woods with Harvard professor and two-time Pulitzer Prize winning biologist E.O. Wilson, the author of "The Creation."

This program aired on October 4, 2006.


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