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New Hampshire Murder

Four teenagers are accused of randomly selecting a house to rob in a quiet New Hampshire town, and agreeing to kill anyone they found inside. 42-year-old Kimberly Cates was found dead in her bed early Sunday, and her 11-year-old daughter Jaime Cates was critically injured. We speak with Jonathan Van Fleet, city editor of the Nashua Telegraph.

'Fearless: the Margaret Moth Story'

Margaret Moth was in her early 40's and a camerawoman for CNN when she was hit by sniper fire in Sarajevo. The shooting severely damaged her face and throat, including her ability to speak. But within two years she was back in Bosnia, and continued on to other war zones around the world. Moth is now fighting terminal cancer at a hospice in Minnesota. She's also the subject of a new CNN mini-documentary. We talk to Moth, as well as her former colleague Stefano Kotsonis, who was in the car with her during the shooting. Kotsonis now works for WBUR.

Bringing Power to West Bank 'Cave Dwellers'

Palestinians living in the West Bank village of Susiya live in tents and caves with no running water or electricity. Power lines run over their heads to provide electricity to a nearby Jewish settlement, but the Israeli government won't allow the Palestinians to hook into the grid, because they're considered illegal. An Israeli humanitarian group, Comet-ME, is now bringing wind and solar power to the Palestinians so they can hold their ground in the disputed territory. We speak to one of the Israeli volunteers of Comet-ME, Yossi Mossel.  Comet-ME is now a finalist for the BBC World Challenge.

Workplace Relationships

The controversy over David Letterman's relationships with members of his Late Show staff is shining a light on the problems these relationships can raise in the workplace. Thomas Anastasi is a professor of organizational behavior at Boston University and joins us to talk about it.

Finding Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo self portrait. (Frida Kahlo)
Frida Kahlo self portrait. (Frida Kahlo)

The authenticity of the art work in a new book about the iconic Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, is being questioned. The book, "Finding Frida Kahlo" by Barbara Levine, documents a treasure trove of more than 1,000 Kahlo items. The BBC's Andrew Purcell takes a look.

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This program aired on October 7, 2009.


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