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Tea Party Candidate Triumphs In Delaware

Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell at her election night party, in Dover, Del. (AP)
Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell at her primary party, in Dover, Del. (AP)

Christine O'Donnell's stunning victory in the Delaware Republican senate primary over moderate Republican Mike Castle is causing political shockwaves. O'Donnell vows victory in November, but the Republican establishment is backing away from her. The Tea Party also scored a win in the New York Republican gubernatorial primary. We check in with Rick Klein, senior Washington editor for ABC World News, and host of the ABC News/Washington Post political webcast “Top Line.”

Saving Small Businesses Becomes Rallying Cry To Extend Tax Cuts

House Minority Leader John Boehner, as well as several other Republicans, has said that half of all small business income would face higher taxes if the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans expire at the end of the year as President Obama has proposed. But just what is a "small business", how do they fall into the category of the wealthiest top 3 percent of Americans, and exactly how will President Obama's proposed tax plan impact them? Our guest is David Cay Johnston, Pulitzer prize-winning reporter and author of several books. He's also a distinguished visiting lecturer at Syracuse University College of Law.

Roller Derby Makes A Comeback

The Boston Nutcrackers roller derby team with Here & Now's Kassandra Sundt, "Maya Mangleyou," sixth from right.
The Boston Nutcrackers roller derby team with Here & Now's Kassandra Sundt, "Maya Mangleyou," sixth from right. (Erin Caruso)

The sport of Roller Derby has been undergoing something of a renaissance these days. Women are skating all over the country again for the chance to go round and round on a circular wooden rink - and knock each other down - to the cheers and jeers of devoted fans. Here & Now's former intern, Kassandra Sundt, known on the track as "Maya Mangle-you" of the Boston Nutcrackers, left us an insider's view into the world of women's flat track Roller Derby.

Does Market Clout Drive Up Healthcare Costs?

Why does an MRI at one hospital cost $3,500 and $1,200 at another? Why does it cost twice as much to deliver a baby at some hospitals? Bloomberg Businessweek investigated why some procedures at the massive Sutter Health chain of hospitals in Northern California are sometimes dramatically higher than at their competition. One reason: insurers aren't allowed to disclose how much they're paying Sutter for procedures. Sutter says as high tech, top quality hospitals their costs are higher. But Bloomberg Businessweek's Peter Waldman says the driving force behind the price disparity is that Sutter has a large share of the market, after buying up several hospitals in the region over the past decade.

H&N Resident Chef Says You Can Can!

Canning season. (Chiot's Run/Flickr)
(Chiot's Run/Flickr)

With summer drawing to a close, what to do with the remainder of the season's bounty? Here & Now's resident chef Kathy Gunst says, "can it!"  Here & Now producer Emiko Tamagawa takes a trip to Kathy's home to harvest some last summer vegetables and then can them for the colder months to come.

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