Growing Up Gay, Bullied And Obsessed With 'Bewitched'

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Author Eric Poole. (Tracey Morris Photography)
Author Eric Poole. (Tracey Morris Photography)

Eric Poole's memoir, "Where's My Wand: One Boy's Magical Triumph Over Shag Carpeting," tells the story his miserable childhood growing up in the Midwest in the 1970's. His mother kept house incessantly, Eric says "she ironed everything that had a cotton fill, down to the tongues of tennis shoes." He was also bullied in school, and despite his conservative Baptist upbringing, he came to realize that he was gay.

Eric's only refuge was the television show, "Bewitched." In fact, he would pretend to be a character from the show when he would dress up in an old bedspread and "close my eyes, wave my arms dramatically and try to cast these spells to try to change my life."

We revisit our conversation with Eric Poole from August 2010, as his book comes out in paperback today.

This segment aired on June 7, 2011.


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