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'Horrible Bosses' Found Inspiration In Real-Life Workplaces

This article is more than 11 years old.
Director Seth Gordon in the Here & Now studio. (WBUR)
Director Seth Gordon in the Here & Now studio. (WBUR)

In the new film, "Horrible Bosses," three friends plot to eliminate the people who are making their lives miserable: their bosses.

Jennifer Aniston portrays an oversexed dentist, who sexually harasses her dental assistant, played by Charlie Day. Kevin Spacey is an evil, corporate boss, who berates, belittles and demeans Jason Bateman's financial executive. And Colin Farrell, almost indistinguishable with a paunch and greasy comb-over, lords over Jason Sudeikis, making his life unbearable.

Director Seth Gordon says that Mark Markowitz, who wrote the original screenplay, based the characters on bosses he once had. He jokingly told Here & Now's Robin Young, "I'm grateful that he suffered, because he wrote a great script!"

The film opens nationwide on Friday.


Seth Gordon, director of "Horrible Bosses"

This segment aired on July 6, 2011.


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