Norway Attacker Said To Be Influenced By British Nationalist Group

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A supporter of the English Defence League is led away by police, during a counter protest to a pro-bin Laden rally outside the US Embassy in London. (AP)
A supporter of the English Defence League is led away by police during a protest in London. (AP)

Norway's intelligence chief has said there's no proof that the man behind last week's deadly Oslo bombing and camp shooting was part of a broader far-right extremist movement in Europe.

But it has been widely reported that Anders Breivik posted on British nationalist websites and he claimed to have 600 Facebook friends who were members of the English Defence League.

The EDL is only two years old, but it is drawing new followers to its anti-immigration, nationalist platform.

Breivik mentioned the EDL six times in his manifesto and Breivik and the EDL apparently shared a view of Muslims that's spreading among the European far-right.

Adherents say their views are not based on racism but are instead grounded in the belief that Muslims are culturally incompatible with westerners.


This segment aired on July 28, 2011.


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