Community Comes Together After The London Riots03:56

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Onlooks at the 'Peckham Peace Wall.' (Eye Magazine/Flickr)
Onlooks at the 'Peckham Peace Wall.' (Eye Magazine/Flickr)

In the aftermath of the violence in London, many people who live there have been looking for ways not only to clean up their streets and repair broken windows, but also to bring their communities together.

One such place is Peckham, an ethnically mixed part of London, well known for its African market. On Monday night, that market became the focal point for the looters. But now across a damaged shop window a group of locals have installed a panel for well wishers to stick up messages of hope. It's called the Peckham Peace Wall and it has already attracted people from across the capital.


  • Tom Esslemont, reporter, BBC

This segment aired on August 12, 2011.

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