Study Examines Safety Of Curbside Buses

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A Fung Wah Bus. (Toytoy)
A Fung Wah Bus. (Toytoy)

Curbside buses are seven times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than traditional buses, according to a new National Transportation Safety Board study.

Curbside buses are the intercity buses (like Fung Wah and megabus in the Northwest) that pick up and drop off passengers on the sidewalk, instead of operating out of terminals.

These curbside carriers are popular because of their low fares and extras like free wireless Internet, electrical outlets and extra legroom.

But the curbside buses have drawn criticism after a series of accidents, including one this March that left 15 dead.

Though the NTSB study ultimately concluded that curbside carriers provide a safe mode of travel, it found that it's more difficult for officials to perform unscheduled inspections when buses do not use terminals.


  • Michael Grynbaum, reporter for The New York Times

This segment aired on November 9, 2011.


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