Michigan Mayor Brainstorms Ways To Turn Around Blighted City

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Warren Michigan Mayor James Fouts.
Warren Michigan Mayor James Fouts.

The Republican contenders for the White House were in Michigan this week for a debate.

One of the local elected officials watching was James Fouts, mayor of Warren. Located 15 miles from Detroit, Warren is Michigan's third-largest city.

Mayor Fouts says Warren has a rainy day fund of $18 million, it has hired 20 new police officers and it's demolished over 600 dilapidated buildings in the past two years.

But due to the continued down economy, revenue is falling and Fouts says city leaders "can only make so many cuts before police and fire are cut."

On Tuesday, city residents re-elected Fouts to a second term and they passed a tax increase to repair crumbling local roads. Fouts will give his inaugural speech tonight, and will talk about ways to turn around the city.


  • James Fouts, Mayor of Warren Michigan

This segment aired on November 11, 2011.


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