Singing About Haiti, From Boston

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The band Zili Misik. ((c) Michel Dessources, jr. )
The band Zili Misik. ((c) Michel Dessources, jr. )

The musicians in the band Zili Misik spend much of their time in the Boston area, but their minds are in Haiti.

After learning about the music and culture of the country in college, band founder Kera Washington brought the group together about a decade ago to showcase Haitian traditions.

"We very much want to bring Haiti back in the conversation about how important and how rich its culture is, not just what it needs, but what it gives," she told Here & Now's Robin Young.

And after the 2010 earthquake, the group started raising money through their performances for earthquake recovery. They also started Project Misik, which donates instruments to schoolchildren in Haiti.


  • Kera Washington, the founder of Zili Misik
  • Joanna Maria, who plays the bass and guitar

This segment aired on December 8, 2011.


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