Davy Jones: From Artful Dodger To The Monkees

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During a 1964 broadcast of "The Ed Sullivan Show," then-18-year-old Davy Jones performed from his Tony-nominated Broadway role as the Artful Dodger from "Oliver!"

Since we learned of Davy Jones passing yesterday, many have mentioned an anecdote he liked to tell about that night. He said he was mesmerized by the throngs of screaming girls who were there to see the Beatles.

But he was wrong. Some of us were there for him!

I was president of the New York chapter of the Davy Jones fan club when he was on Broadway. I would consult with him at the stage door often. And as an office holder in his fan club, I received tickets to the Ed Sullivan show appearance.

I reminded him of that when he was on Here & Now a few years ago.  He was gracious, but it was clear, he had no memory of me.

Of course, others discovered  Davy Jones through The Monkees.

But for some of us, he will always be the guy who made us brave enough to get on a train by ourselves and go to Broadway (11 times in my case!).

We would follow the Artful Dodger anywhere.

Davey Jones died yesterday at 66.

This segment aired on March 1, 2012.


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