Why Sandra Tsing Loh Wants Her Father To Die

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Sandra Tsing Loh's elderly father. (Sandra Tsing Loh)
Sandra Tsing Loh's elderly father. (Sandra Tsing Loh)

"I want my father to die!!"

That's what Sandra Tsing Loh screamed at a co-worker one day after being asked how she was doing.

The outburst was an expression of the frustration she's dealing with after years of spending a great deal of money and time on providing care for her 91 year old father, who is relatively healthy, but battling Parkinson's.

It's not your typical tale of elder care, but a gallows humor look at what many people may relate to as more and more baby-boomers' enter the "sandwich generation," meaning they have to care for kids and parents at the same time.

As Loh writes in the Atlantic:

"He is taking everything! He is taking all the money. He’s taken years of my life (sitting in doctors’ offices, in pharmacies, in waiting rooms). With his horrid, selfish, grotesque behavior, he’s chewed through every shred of my sentimental affection for him...He’s destroyed my belief in “family” as a thing that buoys one up. Quite the opposite: family is like the piano around Holly Hunter’s ankle, dragging me implacably down."


This segment aired on March 5, 2012.


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