Ron Paul Supporters Say Not So Fast

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Texas Representative Ron Paul is a perennial Republican Presidential candidate. This year his campaign has gained more support than in his previous attempts, thanks to a groundswell in interest from young voters.

They came out to celebrate the candidate and his work in a series of events leading up to the Republican National Convention in Tampa this week.

Despite tapping into this newfound base, gaining a foothold in the Republican party has been hard.

Traditionally, candidates for the party nomination throw their support behind the presumptive nominee and instruct the state delegates they won to support that person. Paul has said he cannot instruct his supporters to do so.

This has made leaders at the Republican National Convention nervous that Paul supporters might attempt to nominate him from the floor of the convention.

Paul supporters would need a majority of five states delegations to have his nomination acknowledged on the floor and some delegates are trying to arrange just that.

"It's our delegation's consensus to support Ron Paul," Carl Bunce, head of Nevada's delegation, told Here & Now. But, the number of signatures isn't the only thing keeping Paul and his supporters from the podium. After lengthy battles over how many delegates supporting Paul would actually be seated at the convention, RNC organizers have seated many delegates from states that favor Paul on the very edges of the convention floor.


  • Carl Bunce, head of Nevada's delegation

This segment aired on August 27, 2012.


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