Sue Grafton On Her Alter Ego Kinsey Millhone

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Author Sue Grafton (Courtesy Laurie Roberts)
Author Sue Grafton (Courtesy Laurie Roberts)

'V is For Vengeance,' the latest installment in mystery writer Sue Grafton's alphabet series, comes out in paperback this month.

Like all the books in the series, it features detective Kinsey Millhone. While investigating a shoplifting ring, Millhone uncovers numerous family secrets including murder.

Kinsey shares many traits with her creator, as Sue Grafton told Here & Now's Robin Young last November.

"She is my alter-ego. Younger, thinner, and braver of course, but I get to live a whole separate life through her," Grafton said.

* This interview originally aired on November 14, 2011.


This segment aired on October 17, 2012.


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