Is The Food Truck Revolution Slowing Down?

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The Kogi BBQ taco truck in Los Angeles. (fillingthev0id/Flickr)
The Kogi taco truck in Los Angeles. (fillingthev0id/Flickr)

A few years ago when food trucks started popping up everywhere, Los Angeles Times food critic Jonathan Gold thought that food trucks might be the promised land for ambitious young chefs, but as with any other kind of food operation, "only 5 percent of them turned out to be any good at all."

New trucks aside, Gold believes that one of the traditional taco trucks, known as loncheros, that have operated in L.A for decades serves the best shrimp and cheese taco in LA.

Still, some of his favorite nouveau food trucks are the celebrated Korean-Mexican taco truck Kogi, run by Roy Choi — who's been called the godfather of the food truck movement — and Doug Quint's Big Gay Ice Cream Truck in New York City.


This segment aired on August 29, 2013.


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