New Film For IMAX Explores Jerusalem

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It's been said that Jerusalem is the "closest place to God." A new film for IMAX theaters takes you there.

Today, the city's population is around 800,000 — 61 percent Jewish, 37 percent Muslim and 2 percent Christian. Jerusalem is the heart of three religious traditions, and a cradle to conflict.

Over the past 4,000 years, there have been 118 conflicts in and around Jerusalem. The city has been conquered 44 times, completely destroyed twice, and transferred from one religion to another some 11 times.

The film opens in theaters across the country beginning tomorrow.

"I have never seen a place like Jerusalem," Daniel Ferguson, the producer and director of "Jerusalem" told Here & Now. "It challenges your assumptions about humanity, about belief, about the modern world, about the ancient world. I cannot get enough of it. I've been 14 times now, and I feel I've barely scratched the surface."


This segment aired on September 19, 2013.


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