Song Of The Week: 'Tourniquet' By Jeremy Messersmith

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Jeremy Messersmith's latest single is "Tourniquet." (Cameron Wittig)
Jeremy Messersmith's latest single is "Tourniquet." (Cameron Wittig)
Jeremy Messersmith "Tourniquet" cover (Jeremy Messersmith/Facebook)

This week, NPR Music writer and editor Stephen Thompson introduces us to a newly-released single by Jeremy Messersmith.

"What separates him from so many other sweet-voiced guys with guitars, is that he’s got boundless creative ambition. His three most recent albums form this gorgeous pop-rock trilogy about the circle of life," Thompson tells Here & Now's Robin Young.

Now that Messersmith has covered life, he is moving on to a new pop sound with his song "Tourniquet," which will also be on a forthcoming album.

"He’s relentlessly committed to making these rich, lush, pretty pop songs and he does it incredibly well," says Thompson. "He never overloads his songs with anything they don’t need, and yet, he puts an immense amount of thought into crafting them."


This segment aired on October 28, 2013.


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