’Tis the Season For Horror Comedy

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Horror and comedy are two separate film genres, but have you heard of horror comedy? Director and screenwriter Chris LaMartina makes it his forte.

His six feature films have all "played into a certain sense of being morbid or used horror with accents of comedy to lighten the mood," as LaMartina defines horror comedies for Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson. But he warns that many horror comedies — including his films — aren't for kids.

"There's still plenty of sex and violence in lots of horror comedies that's not for younger audiences," he says.

His latest WNUF Halloween Special is a "found footage" movie that looks like it's been passed from VCR to VCR for at least ten years. To deepen the lore around the movie, LaMartina drove up and down the East Coast leaving hand-labeled VHS tapes in random places, hoping people would be convinced.

"I would literally drive around and throw them out of my window for months before we officially released the film, because we wanted someone to actually believe that this was a broadcast recorded off of local television in 1987."


This segment aired on October 31, 2013.


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