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A Ukrainian's Hopes For Ukraine08:03

This article is more than 6 years old.

Vitaliy Moroz, 34, is a Fulbright student from Ukraine studying in Boston. He speaks with Here & Now's Meghna Chakrabarti about what it's been like for him to watch the ongoing protests in Ukraine from afar, and what his hopes are for his country.

Interview Highlights: Vitaliy Moroz

On knowing one of the protesters killed

"When you watch the news, it’s very abstract. When you know, personally, people whom you might meet again, and you expected to meet again when you are back, it’s very sad news. And you feel hopeless because you don’t know how you can help. Now we've started a fundraising campaign to collect some funds and send to the families of those who are killed — and there are many of them — this is very small effort how we can heal and support people in Ukraine."

On whether he would be one of the protesters if he were in Ukraine

"I was back to Ukraine during winter break and spent there three weeks, and it was a very quiet time. And I spent a lot of time on the square. Some people who sacrificed their lives, they knew that they might be killed, but still they were moving forward. They were not just here for prosperity, they were ready to sacrifice their lives for freedom. I see myself as the one who would also stand for — but it’s always a very tough choice because when you face the death, you don’t know how you behave. That’s always a decision of this moment."

On how his friends and family in Ukraine are feeling now

"I think all human nature is they believe that everything will be better. And there are still hopes for the better. But I do not witness any celebrations. It is still very traumatic to be there because now people walking on the streets on which there were dead people, there is hopes for the future but it's not the time for people to be very optimistic."

On his hopes for Ukraine

"I think now is the time for young professionals who can occupy government positions, who can start again their own businesses. It’s a huge opportunity for creative, talented and educated people in Ukraine. I would hope there will be no more choice like where we are — I think we’ll be closer to European Union."


This segment aired on February 25, 2014.

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