At The Movies, 'God's Not Dead'

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Religious films are dominating at movie theaters. This past weekend, "Heaven Is for Real" was number two at the box office, and "Noah," "God's Not Dead" and "Son of God" have also been doing well.

Is it the Passover and Easter season, or is something else going on here? Film critic Ty Burr, who wrote about the topic for The Boston Globe, joins Here & Now's Robin Young to discuss the religious films.

"I think we've seen in the past 10 years a growth in basic cottage industries of Christian film producers — small producers, some of which are aligned with the major studios, some of which are putting stuff out on their own, and they've been releasing their movies in small exhibition pattern," Burr said. "But they're also starting to get into multiplexes, because the multiplexes are trying to bring people back, and the major studios are starting to pay attention after the success of Mel Gibson's 'Passion of the Christ.'"


This segment aired on April 25, 2014.


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