Two Veterans Remember Their Fallen Friends15:34

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Memorial Day is the day set aside each year to remember American men and women killed in the nation's wars.

But for many veterans of those wars who lost friends, every day is a day to remember. Two veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan join Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson to remember their friends who were killed

Joshua Carroll, a former Air Force Captain, who served in Afghanistan, remembers his friend, Air Force Lieutenant Roslyn Schulte, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2009.

I thought I was just going to see him again when I got there.

Andrew Slater

"For myself and thousands of other veterans across this country, Memorial Day is every day," Carroll said. "I certainly understand people wanting to partake in the festivities and cookouts, and I think in a way in the bigger picture, the people who put themselves in harms way — like Roz did — they did that so we can continue on with our lives and do those things."

Andrew Slater, who served three tours in Iraq as an Army officer, remembers his friend Army Captain Ben Tiffner, who was killed in Iraq in 2007.

Captain Tiffner was killed just a week before Slater was supposed to deploy to Iraq and join his friend.

"I thought I was just going to see him again when I got there," Slater said. "He was crossing a bridge when his truck was struck by a bomb. I believe he was killed instantly. It was a real shock."

About Memorial Day, Slater says, "I think it's necessary, but I don't think it's anybody's favorite day of the year."


  •  Joshua Carroll, former Air Force captain who served in Afghanistan.
  • Andrew Slater, Army officer who served three tours in Iraq.

This segment aired on May 26, 2014.